Expert Title 24 Energy Calculations and Consulting Services

Title 24 Energy CalculationsDon’t waste any time on your next project when it comes to your Title 24 compliance and energy goals. Planning for the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment or new building project with the experienced Title 24 experts at Balanced Comfort will ensure you don’t waste any precious time on your California energy code compliance!

Our Title 24 Energy Calculations come with:

  • Same-Day Quotes (plans must be provided by the customer)
  • 48 Hour Delivery
  • Expertise With Over 3 Years of Title 24 Compliance Services
  • No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Balanced Comfort provides consulting and reports for the California Title 24 2016 building energy code. We offer consulting and calculations for all building types (residential single, multifamily and commercial buildings). We fully understand the new requirements and our team of engineers are here to make code compliance as simple as possible.

How Much Does Title 24 Cost?

Balanced Comfort’s Title 24 pricing will be specific to your project, but if you are looking for a ballpark figure as to what your project might cost, it will depend on three factors:

  • What type of Title 24 report will you need — mechanical, lighting, or envelope?
  • How many floors are included?
  • How many zones will require software modeling?

The base price of our Title 24 services is $300, and each additional floor adds $100. We find that most smaller commercial projects cost between $400 – $800.

What do you get with our Title 24 reports? We will include plan check comments, and any small adjustments with all of our Title 24 reports (though larger changes to the report will come at a $150 charge, depending on the scope of the project). We deliver clear communication, we will pick up the phone when you call, our calculations are accurate, and we have a no questions asked money back guarantee!


Title 24 Calculation Company California

California Energy Code 2016 Consulting

When it comes to Title 24 calculations, you can trust the professionals at Balanced Comfort to provide accurate building energy code reports and consulting. Our team is proud to help California residents become Title 24 compliant with ease.

Types of Title 24 energy code reports provided:

  • Residential and Non-residential Additions, Alterations and New-Construction
  • Envelope, Mechanical, and Lighting Performance Modeling
  • Building Heat Load Calculations

Learn more about the California Building Energy Code Title 24.

Get Your Title 24 Report Started with Balanced Comfort

For all residential and non-residential Title 24 projects the following information will be needed to assist you with your project:

  • Owner or designer’s name, address and phone number
  • Site plan showing North orientation
  • Total Conditioned floor area (new or existing/addition)
  • Breakdown of square footage if the project has multiple floors
  • Sectionals with ceiling heights, roof structure, and foundation
  • All window and door sizes (new or existing/addition)
  • Roof plan with any skylights (new or existing/addition)
  • HVAC and DHW specs (new or existing/addition)
  • Insulation-type for roof, walls, and floors
  • Recommended commissioned building plans

In addition to the items above, Non-Residential Title 24 projects will require the following:

  • All room occupancies
  • All luminaries (new or existing/addition) for lighting compliance
  • Lighting schedule with reflected ceiling plan including fixture type and wattage output

The standards for energy efficiency here in California are based on the 2016 standards, which effect  Insulation, lighting, HVAC, and water heating.

Check out our article on Title 24 lighting changes to the 2016 building energy code.

The California Energy Commission has created a document to cover some of the major changes to the energy code, Title 24 2016 energy code standards update.

Title 24 Services: Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“Outstanding, we will continue to use them [Balanced Comfort] for Title 24 because of their accuracy and quality of work.” – Steven M. Fresno, CA

“Fair prices and they actually return my phone calls.” – David H. San Rafael, CA

“I’m so grateful that they were able to get my report done so quickly and they really took time to explain the process.” – Kathy R. San Diego, CA

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