A professional heat load calculation takes into consideration several complicated variables which simply cannot be accounted for without the help of a professional. With this calculation, the correct size HVAC system will then be estimated. There are two main reasons why having the correctly sized HVAC system in your residence or business is important:

  • The high variety of rooms one finds in residential buildings
  • ¬†The importance of the quality of life of those dwelling in the residence.

Commercial Heat Load Calculations

Often times, commercial buildings have a very repetitive design when it comes to the design of each of its rooms. When the majority of the rooms are similar or even identical with each other, the simpler the design of the HVAC system will be, and the easier to gauge the correct HVAC unit required. The same is true for commercial buildings with large open spaces, as found in auditoriums and working spaces.

Residential Heat Load Calculations

However, when it comes to residential buildings, you find the most complex layouts from room to room, with the highest degree of variety. The HVAC system will, therefore, need to be more complex to ensure proper temperature regulation from room to room, and the harder it will be to gauge this system. Add to this the fact that alongside bedrooms you find kitchens, living rooms with fireplaces, and all other sorts of variables, and the importance of getting a professional heat load calculation is shown even more.

Difference between heat load calculations

Another important difference between commercial and residential buildings is that the former is used normally only during working hours, while the latter is used to live in. This has two important implications. In residential buildings, the occupants will be sleeping, and you will also find young children and older people dwelling there as well. Because of this, it is important that the quality of the air is at its healthiest, and also that the temperature does not become too cold or too hot. A professional heat load calculation is therefore recommended for residential buildings.

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