Greenhouse Air Conditioning

Whether you own a commercial greenhouse or simply have a green thumb, investing in a greenhouse climate control system can help your flora to flourish. Even temporary dips and raises in temperature can significantly stunt your plants. For the serious grower, greenhouse HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) provide extra control over important conditions like humidity and temperature, and can even mimic the perfect daytime and nighttime conditions for your produce.

Greenhouse HVAC Design

At Balanced Comfort, our mechanical engineers have experience designing greenhouse HVAC systems in California. We’ll work with you to make sure your climate control system operates exactly as needed. Size, layout, energy efficiency and more will be planned and optimized for your home or commercial greenhouse. Still in the building process or beginning stages? Balanced Comfort can work directly with you and your designated Architect or Engineer to perform all HVAC design and load calculation services like manual J for residential and manual N for commercial buildings.

Greenhouse Climate Control Services

At Balanced Comfort, we have agricultural and greenhouse climate control down to a science. Contact us today to learn how greenhouse air conditioning can give you the perfect conditions all year round.

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