Electrical Components Arranged On Plans

When it comes to the lighting and electrical design of your next construction project, every detail counts. Precision and compliance are of the utmost importance for electrical design. That is why the team of electrical design engineers here at Balanced Comfort adhere to the 2016 California Electrical Code (based on the 2014 National Electric Code, or NFPA70), as well as the 2016 California Energy Code for commercial lighting design. From California to Nevada and Arizona, when you partner with Balanced Comfort for your electrical design, you can rest easy knowing our electrical engineers will go above and beyond to make sure your next project is on time and compliant!

From Lighting Design to Single Line Diagrams

Balanced Comfort can help with all of your electrical design needs for your next project, including:

  • Electrical Lighting Design

  • Electrical Power Design

  • Electrical Panel layout & Load Schedule

  • Single Line Diagram Drawings

Our electrical design engineers have over 30 years of mechanical engineering and electrical design experience and will provide intelligent and compliant electrical design from the power source all the way to the necessary lighting equipment. We also provide clear single line diagram drawings so you and your crew can understand exactly how your custom electrical design works.

The Comfort of a Balanced Approach

Our certified team of engineers understands that there is much more than just one system involved in every project, and each system has to work together in order to maintain safety, energy efficiency, and style. At Balanced Comfort, we take the entire scope of your construction project into account when approaching your electrical design, so that your power and lighting systems operate safely without a hitch. Balanced Comfort also provides expert fire protection design and Title 24 energy consulting and calculations, and we know a thing or two about safe and compliant construction projects.

Make Your Next Project A Success

A trusted and experienced team of electrical design engineers can make all the difference when it comes to a successful project in California, Nevada and Arizona. The experts at Balanced Comfort will take all the necessary steps to understand the goals you have for your project and design an electrical system that will meet all of the necessary national and state electrical codes, all while communicating with you throughout the design process. Partner with Balanced Comfort for all of your electrical design needs on your next construction project!

Who will you trust with the electrical design of your next construction project? Trust the balanced approach of Balanced Comfort by contacting us today.