Mechanical Engineering Services

With over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, consulting and design services you and your clients can trust our designs and recommendations.  We offer solutions for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing projects of all sizes and our licensed mechanical engineer (PE) is ready to assist you with your next project.  Our team’s qualifications include a licensed Mechanical Engineer, Qualified Commissioning Process Provider, and Registered Construction Inspector. Our experience includes mechanical engineering design, project/construction management, constructability review and inspection of medical, correctional, educational, governmental, residential, wastewater and other specialty projects. Our engineering expertise shows through in every project.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering in the HVAC industry mainly consists of designing temperature and environmental conditioning systems to maintain that environment within certain parameters for the occupant(s) or equipment.  If you need assistance during any phase of construction, you can send us your plans using the contact form along with your contact information.

We are able to work with most schedules when given enough notice, contact us today to get started.  Initially, we would like to see a set of building plans so we can put together a comprehensive proposal for work to be performed.  We can have our team on site, as needed.

Once plans are provided, HVAC load calculations are performed, equipment is selected, and the building mechanical drawings are generated. That will include, but is not limited to, equipment and ductwork layout, schedules, details, and specifications to guide the contractor(s) in the performance of their work. At times the mechanical engineer will be requested to inspect the project when it is under construction. This work will also include plumbing systems in coordination with the other consulting engineering trades.  We look forward to discussing your next project with you.