energy efficiency conceptOur home energy efficiency audits or energy efficiency assessment is a detailed examination of your home with an energy auditor, with the purpose of finding where your home is losing energy. It is impossible to know for sure where your Fresno home is losing energy through leaks in windows, ductwork, insulation levels until you get a home energy audit from Balanced Comfort.

When do you need an energy audit?

Some signs that you need a home energy efficiency audit include:

  • Leaky windows and doors
  • Drafts in your home
  • High electric or gas bills

Typically, there are also additional sources of energy leaks that will reduce your home comfort and cost you on your energy bills. Insulation levels in attics and walls, heating and cooling systems including ductwork can also waste a significant amount of energy.  Energy leaks are hard to pinpoint without the proper tools and equipment. We can provide a proper energy assessment of your home, by performing the necessary tests to identify comfort and efficiency problems.

A home energy audit is a straightforward process. The goal is to:

  • Find the spots where your home is losing energy. Our experienced energy auditors have specialized equipment and tools to collect information about your home. It can take between 2-4 hours to complete a home energy assessment, but that all depends on the size of your home and the number of heating and cooling units.
  • Find systems that are malfunctioning or working inefficiently. Sometimes the structure of the home can be perfectly fine, but some systems like heating and cooling might be causing the problem along with their poorly insulated or leaking duct systems.
  • Evaluate what is the best course of action. Using computer modeling we can make data-driven decisions to cost-effectively improve your home’s comfort and lower utility bills

Once the assessment is complete, we partner with local companies that can offer improvements and potential incentives or rebates.

Types of home energy audits

There are two types of home energy audits. The first one is Home Energy Survey, usually just a visual inspection without equipment and tools, this is not an assessment we offer. The second one a Diagnostic Energy Efficiency Audit, more detailed examination with proper tools and equipment.

Home Energy Survey

Home energy survey is a visual examination of your property without using any tools and equipment. The goal of this examination is to uncover potential energy leaks and provide homeowners with cost-effective resolution.  This would be considered a walkthrough or clipboard assessment and does not collect enough information about your home to truly identify areas of energy waste.

Diagnostic Energy Efficiency Audit

A diagnostic energy efficiency audit is a detailed examination of your home with specialized tools and equipment. It is a detailed examination with a more in-depth financial analysis of energy costs.

A diagnostic home energy audit is completed with devices like a blower door tester, duct leakage tester, infrared camera, etc. By running these tests diagnostics energy auditors will find:

  • Insulation effectiveness and duct leakage
  • Heating and cooling efficiencies
  • Cost-effective improvements

Computer software will be used to generate the results from the energy audit to ensure the accuracy of the findings. We will produce a detailed report that will explain retrofit specifications and other recommendations.  We will also connect you with one of our partners, a licensed contractor, to offer improvements to the home.

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Benefits of home energy audits

The majority of homes have problems with energy inefficiency. Some people might think that a bit higher energy bill won’t cost them too much, but expenses pile up. By doing an energy audit of your home, you will have a more energy-efficient home and in the long run, you will save a lot more money. There are a lot more benefits from doing regular home energy audits and here are some of the major ones:

  • Reduces energy bills and increases savings
  • Helps you discover hidden problems
  • Improves comfort in your home
  • Increases resale value and marketability of your home

Typically, this type of diagnostic testing would cost between $300 to $500 dollars.  We are currently working with a program funded by the utility that may cover the full cost of your assessment.

Wondering if you qualify for this utility subsidized assessment? Please call us today at 559-241-8511 or contact us!