Although heaters aren’t used very often in Fresno, when we need them, we need them to work efficiently! On those cold days, you want to be able to rely on your heating system to make your home at that perfect temperature. We all have been there where someone in the family will either raise the thermostat very high, or lower it down. If you have those drafty rooms, maybe it’s not so much your heating system but your insulation in your home. Picture this, a home that is producing heat but has holes that cause the air to come out. You’re wasting energy and feel free to ask about our Home Energy Audits.


Existing or replacement heating units

Heating units aren’t always a one size fits all appliances. It’s important for us and you, to find the correct AC unit that is installed that is a perfect fit for your home. Here at balanced comfort, we offer HVAC design for maximum comfort for your heating and cooling system. Whether your existing unit is acting up or on the fritz, we can assist you. We can also help with getting a replacement unit for your residential home. To help you deal with your AC problem when the time is right for you, you can contact us at 559-421-8814




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