Attic Insulation: Fiberglass vs Cellulose

Installing insulation in your attic, or replacing old insulation, is a great investment as it will save you on your energy costs over the years. But what is the best type of insulation to go with? These days, two options have risen to the top: fiberglass and cellulose. The vast majority of attics these days are insulated with one of these two materials, and there are pros and cons for each of these options.

Fiberglass Insulation & Cellulose Similarities

  • Good R-value, meaning that the amount of heat that is blocked with fiberglass and cellulose is roughly the same.
  • Easy to install. Installing fiberglass is a straightforward process that does not require any special tools while installing cellulose merely requires an insulation blower that can be rented at a low cost.
  • Both of these materials can be used in a DIY home project.
  • Both are relatively inexpensive modes of insulation.

Fiberglass Insulation & Cellulose Differences

  • Cellulose is non-toxic and is considered to be safe for people and the environment.
  • Fiberglass insulation is required to come with a hazard label noting the possible danger of cancer and respiratory illness. fiberglass has been less likely to catch and spread fire since it is made with spun glass.
  • Cellulose is essentially made up of paper, and there have been several cases in the past where cellulose insulation spread a fire.

In general, it should be accurate to say that cellulose is to be preferred if you are concerned with health issues, while fiberglass is preferable if your main concern is fire safety.

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