Building Commissioning Services

The California Title 24 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards now mandate Commissioning requirements for all new nonresidential buildings equal to or greater than 10,000 square feet conditioned space. These requirements must be met prior to issuance of the building permit in California (Section 120.8). Building commissioning services with us means access to a commissioning authority with more than 30 years of experience. Our mechanical engineers lead, plan, schedule, and coordinate with our engineering team to implement your commissioning process. We offer our services throughout California.

Our Commissioning (Cx) Services Include:

  • Develop and maintain Owner Project Requirements (OPR) documentation
  • Develop and maintain a commissioning plan
  • Develop and maintain the Basis of Design (BOD) documentation
  • Conduct the design phase design review
  • Conduct the functional performance testing
  • Documentation of the systems manual and the training requirements
  • Publish the final report

Additional services include:

  • Construction checklists
  • Review of design professional submittals
  • Pre-Bid conference
  • Pre-Construction commissioning process meeting
  • Verifying construction phase submittals
  • Retro-Commissioning of an existing building
  • Title 24 Consulting

For more information about building commissioning you can review our Commissioning Process FAQ and What is Building Commissioning?