HVAC Design Services and Load Calculation

When it comes to designing your heating and cooling system for maximum comfort and your ventilation system for healthier air, experience and expertise matters. Balanced Comfort has over 30 years of mechanical HVAC design and load calculation expertise, and our experienced team designs heating, cooling, ventilation, and environmental conditioning systems for energy efficiency. We can help during any phase of construction of your residential or commercial project throughout Arizona, Nevada and California.

residential ductwork

Duct Design

The design behind the ductwork in your home can make or break your home comfort, and your energy bills. Proper duct sizing is integral to reducing the strain your ductwork puts on your heating and cooling equipment, and your ductwork should be designed to fit the exact needs of your home or business. Our experience includes:

HVAC Load Calculation

The HVAC system load calculation process incorporates the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning (ASHRAE) guidelines or Air-Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J load calculation method, using the respective climate zone data. Industry standard computer modeling programs will determine the exact heating needs of your residential property or business location.

Our load calculation services include:

What we’ll need for our load calculations:

  • Building envelope information (wall, roof, floor, partitions, window areas) along with construction types
  • An orientation at the location of the building
  • Occupant usage and density
  • Equipment and lighting loads
  • Ventilation and Outside Air (OSA) requirements
  • Proposed HVAC equipment systems to be used

Our HVAC Design and Load Calculation Process

After reviewing the building plans, we will put together a comprehensive proposal for work to be performed. After that, the necessary HVAC load will be calculated, equipment will be selected, and the building mechanical drawings will be generated. That will include, but is not limited to: equipment and ductwork layout, schedules, details, and specifications to guide the contractor(s) in the performance of their work.

The mechanical engineer will be requested to inspect the project while it is under construction. This work will also include plumbing systems in coordination with the other consulting engineering trades. Balanced Comfort can work directly for you and/or your designated Architect/Engineer to perform any or all of these services.

Contact us today for a proposal. We look forward to discussing your next project with you.