Commercial Energy Audits

A business energy audit, also known as commercial energy audits, is a detailed examination of any commercial building (schools, hotels, government agencies, businesses, etc.) with the purpose to find potential energy leaks. Our team of engineers and energy auditors will locate areas where you can improve efficiency, and we will propose the most effective solutions.

Why Business Energy Audits Are Important

There are more than a few benefits from completing regular commercial energy audits. Energy leaks don’t come just from leaky windows, doors or vents. Sometimes the problem is much deeper and might involve the structure of the building, heating and cooling systems, control systems, lighting and materials that were used during construction, and building codes in effect at that time.

Our business and commercial energy audit reports will indicate the precise status of the major systems that consume energy in your building. As a result, you will better understand opportunities for certain elements of your home to be upgraded or replaced. Once you eliminate the energy costs you don’t require, the overall cost of running your business will go down.

Levels of the Commercial Energy Auditing Process

There are three main levels of assessments as specified by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and we conduct each level separately. Here is a brief description of each assessment level.

  • ASHRAE Level 1 Audit – Also called a walk-through audit, ASHRAE level 1 audit investigates why a given building does not use its energy successfully. Our technical experts will do a quick and thorough survey of the whole building and everything within. The sole objective of a walk-through audit is to detect the past and present energy consumption trends. It entails a short report that shows areas that might need instant improvement to increase your energy savings. This may also include Energy Star Benchmarking.
  • ASHRAE Level 2 Audit – This assessment is more profound and it gives the property owner a comprehensive building survey and energy consumption analysis. The survey involves everyone within the building: operators, managers, occupants, and owners. During this commercial energy assessment, we may perform Diagnostic Testing. It will include an evaluation of your HVAC systems, ventilation systems, airflow in each room and occupancy counts among other things. Also, we will do building inspections that will encompass your property’s insulation levels, air filtration, water infiltration, code violations and more.
  • ASHRAE Level 3 Audit – This level is comprehensive as well. Our competent staffs will do thorough costing estimates, life cycle cost analysis, expected energy savings analysis and other simulations. This step also entails a rigorous study of different renewable power systems such as geothermal HVACs, wind generators, solar PVs and solar hot water. The report has a comprehensive description of all measures that are computed in the level 3 audit.

Our energy audit report

Our team will produce an energy audit report that will reveal the energy consumption rates of all powered equipment in your building. It will as well disclose the most reasonable Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). In summary, the reports will display a description of the current conditions, proposed ECMs, anticipated annual savings if ECMs are executed and the estimated cost of implementing the ECMs. In addition, the audit report will expose the possible ROI (return on investment) and life cycle savings.

Why Balanced Comfort?

“Aaron and his team at Balanced Comfort are an integral partner for us in the Central Valley and beyond. We truly appreciate the expertise, professionalism and exceptional communication they bring to every project we work on together.  As demand continues to grow for the JouleSmart Solution we know that Aaron and his team will be able to execute flawlessly.”
– Tom Bacon, Vice President of Marketing

Balanced Comfort will produce a dependable commercial energy audits report that will result in the following:

  • Efficiency upgrades and improvements that have been proven to save money
  • Installation of energy conservation measures that will lead to significant savings
  • No-cost and low-cost measures that may have been previously overlooked

Our engineers and energy auditors have a solid background and a lot of expertise in the area of energy auditing. We will compile our findings via computer modeling to demonstrate the potential savings.

What does an assessment cost?

We provide customized estimates based on your goals for improving the efficiency of your building.  We can negotiate on a rate per square foot or per hour depending on the depth and complexity of the assessment.  In some areas of California, your utility may finance the cost of our efficiency assessment along with the recommended upgrades. Please call us today or contact us to receive your customized estimate for a commercial energy audit.