Our Mission

Balanced Comfort’s mission is to provide energy efficiency services through engineering for your projects.

We specialize in mechanical engineering consulting, California Title 24 energy code compliance and related services.  Additionally, we offer home and commercial energy assessments to identify cost-effective improvements to efficiency, comfort and sustainability.

Our 2016 Title 24 reports and commercial building assessments are available for all California counties including: San Francisco, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, San Diego and more.

Balanced Comfort was created in 2012 to help customers in the Central Valley with their high gas and electric bills due to energy waste.  By performing building diagnostics, i.e. duct leakage or infrared camera inspection we pinpoint problems within the building.  This allowed us to provide home and business owners with information on why their building was wasting energy.  Since 2012, Balanced Comfort has grown to provide additional energy efficiency services to a rapidly growing efficiency industry.  We look forward to providing you with the tools and information to make your next project a success!

Meet Our Team of Energy Efficiency Specialists


Mike Guthrie, P.E.
Mike@BalancedComfort.com Senior Mechanical Engineer
Mufeed Alshakhori
Mufeed@BalancedComfort.com Design Engineer
Teague Kerr
Teague@BalancedComfort.com Energy Assessor
Jesus Navarro
Jesus@BalancedComfort.com Energy Assessor
Mario Rodriguez
Mario@BalancedComfort.com Energy Assessor
Tony Hernandez
Tony@BalancedComfort.com Energy Assessor
Alexis Navarro
Alexis@BalancedComfort.com Administrative Assistant
Albert Hernandez
Albert@BalancedComfort.com Team Member
Jerry Vera
Jerry@BalancedComfort.com Team Member
Leticia Mendez
Leticia@BalancedComfort.com Team Member
Tom Howard
Tom@BalancedComfort.com CFO
Aaron Husak
Aaron@BalancedComfort.com CEO