Balanced Comfort

Balanced Comfort provides a wide array of services related to energy efficiency including Title 24 Energy Code Reports, HERS Ratings and Mechanical System Designs. We can also help you better understand why your home or business may not be as comfortable or efficient as expected.
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Services Provided:

  • – Title 24 Consultation and Reports
  • – Mechanical System Design
  • – HERS Rating & BPI Testing
  • – Building Energy Efficiency Audits

Energy Efficiency Services – Made Simple.

It takes experience to make the path to energy efficiency simple. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into simplifying the process. No matter what your project, you can rely on our team to provide you with the best available information and strategies to meet your goals.

Title 24 Consultation and Reports

  • – Services for Title 24 Reports as required for new construction and major retrofits on residential and commercial buildings

HERS Rating & BPI Testing

  • – HERS ratings as required for HVAC systems and new construction. HERS Raters are considered special building inspectors which may be necessary to meet building code.
  • – BPI testing and combustion analysis provide health and safety checks of gas appliances to ensure operation. Commonly required for incentive programs such as Energy Upgrade California.

Mechanical System Design

  • – Mechanical system design for commercial and residential HVAC systems

Building Energy Efficiency Audits

Households with the following symptoms need a home energy audit:

  • – Difficult to keep home cool or warm
  • – High Utility Bills
  • – Asthma and Allergies get worse indoors
  • – Mildew Growth and/or musty smells
  • – Heating and Air Conditioning turns off and on frequently

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